Curly Haired Girls, London-web copy.jpgDOG IN MAIL Van, Paris-web copy.jpgErotic Nude (1)-web copy.jpgFashion Plate001-web copy.jpgFRESHMILK, MILAN VP-web copy.jpgPLATE 197-web copy.jpgPLATE 284 297 Dyptic-web copy.jpgPROVOCATEUR V1-web copy.jpgThe Grin-web copy.jpg

The Eliot Siegel Gallery of Fine Art Photography is a London based online art gallery featuring the best of the photographic work of Eliot Siegel from 1985 to the present. The photographic images cover a broad spectrum of genres, including Urban Landscape, Windows and Mannequins and a curious take on sensual Fashion Photography from the perspective of Polaroid Transfer, which also shows itself in several of the other categories as well. Both Black and White and Colour photographic images are presented in the galleries.  Polaroid Transfer technique creates a unique and beautiful change to classical colour and black and white photographic imaging, and is a favourite of Eliot Siegel, who utilises the craft across the range of galleries.

 The photographs have been taken all over the world; from New York to Paris, Milan and London.  All fine art photography is available to purchase either as prints only, or as framed prints. Eliot Siegel Gallery is happy to ship photographs to anywhere in the world. Purchasing prints couldn’t be easier, but please feel free to contact the gallery if any questions arise. For the very best fine art photography London has to offer just get in touch.

The titles of the specific galleries are:

We hope you enjoy the journey, Eliot Siegel Gallery