Creative urban landscape fine art photography in London.

If you are looking for high quality images of fine art photography and photographic work, then you have arrived at the right destination. This is the Eliot Siegel Gallery of fine art photography London, which features a wide range of photographic work, covering a diverse selection of genres. Eliot Siegel, the enigmatic fine art photographer delves into creative aspects of urban landscape photography, with a special concern for windows and reflections on the British High Street. Throughout the gallery Eliot Siegel looks at photography from the perspective of Polaroid transfer, black and white and colour images.

Eliot Siegel has been a fine art photographer since 1980 and has done photo shoots all over the world; from Milan, Paris, New York, Madrid and of course London where he is currently based. All of the fine art photography work that is displayed on this website is available to purchase as either single prints or framed prints, so they are ideal as a gift for a loved one or a family member.

Eliot has also photographed many celebrated people around the world, with many style icons such as Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie, Tess Dale, Kelly Brooke and Author Martin Amis, Actors Damien Lewis and Charles Dance.

Fine Art Photographer London

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