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All deliveries of paper prints within the United Kingdom are free and included in the price of the prints. If you need your photographs sent outside the United Kingdom, simply send us an email with your address and  the size and quantity of your order and we will find the courier fee for your order for you. We don’t charge a fee for handling and will charge you exactly the cost of the courier. Special order prints and techniques are subject to delivery charges and these can be ascertained when the order is confirmed with Eliot Siegel Gallery directly.

Eliot Siegel Gallery is happy to create special orders for it’s clients who want something other than prints on paper. We use perspex, Aluminium and other techniques to give you something a bit different, but always using the highest quality materials available. Please see Eliot’s framing page at for ideas.

All of Eliot’s work is limited to an edition of only 100 prints of any image, regardless of the material used to print it. The photographs are Signed and edition numbered on the print. All paper photographs are printed on Archival Museum quality rag paper of a heavy 310 grams and has the finest range of tonalities available. Aluminium and Perspex printing is done either in Berlin or UK.

Sex, Lies and the Single Mannequin:

Windows and Reflections in Colour

 Curly Haired Girls, London-web.jpg3rd Place, London v1-web.jpgBig Hair 1A London-web.jpgBlonde Afro, Vienna-web.jpgBLONDE BOY, Portobello-web.jpgBlue Bra, Fulham-web.jpgBlue Dress Blue eyes, London-web.jpgBlue Hair, London-web.jpgBLUE JUMPER, London-web.jpgBlue Knit Cozzy, London-web.jpgBus Stop, London-web.jpgCotton Socks, London V1-web.jpgCurly Hat, London v1-web.jpgDiamondJubilee 1A London-web.jpgDiamondJubilee 2A London-web.jpgDining in, London v1-web.jpgDouble Orange Vienna-web.jpgEarmuffs London v1-web.jpgFEATHER Hat Bratislava-web.jpgFenced In London v1-web.jpgFishnet, London-web.jpgFlower Power 1A, London-web.jpgFlying Saucers, London-web.jpgFour Skinheads London-web.jpgFROG LANDSCAPE London-web.jpgGinger, Liverpool-web.jpgGlamour 1 London-web.jpgGlitter Eyes London-web.jpgGlittering Jewels, London v1-web.jpgGlossy Boys, Plymouth v1-web.jpgGoing Up, London v1-web.jpgGreen Window London-web.jpgHands on Hips, London v1-web.jpgHands, London v1-web.jpghn_4228 copy-web.jpgIce Princess 1A London-web.jpgIndian Princess London v1-web.jpgJewel Warrior, London v1-web.jpgliberty pink shoes WEB copy-web.jpgLittle Black Dress, London-web.jpgNative American London-web.jpgNEON London-web.jpgPeacock London-web.jpgPINK HAIR, Portobello-web.jpgPucker, Portobello-web.jpgPuppet, London-web.jpgQuilt London-web.jpgRed and Blue London-web.jpgRed Flower, London v2-web.jpgred hair and wire-web.jpgRed Jumper London-web.jpgRed Knickers, London-web.jpgRed Yellow Blue, London-web.jpgScooter Girl London-web.jpgScrews Loose, London v1-web.jpgSixth Place London-web.jpgSore Eyes, London-web.jpgSplatter London-web.jpgStrong Makeup, London-web.jpgSwinging Blue, London-web.jpgTaxi Rank London-web.jpgThe Judge, London-web.jpgThree Nude Dummies London-web.jpgThree on Mint London-web.jpgTottenham Court Road-web.jpgVeggy Maiden London v1-web.jpgWhite Blouse London v1-web.jpgwhite cozzy, London-web.jpgwhite top, 72dpi London-web.jpgyellow eyes, London-web.jpg

Sex, Lies and the Single Mannequin:

Windows and Reflections in Polaroid Transfer

PLATE 105-web.jpgPlate 1111-web.jpgPLATE 112-web.jpgPLATE 116-web.jpgPLATE 121-web.jpgPLATE 132-web.jpgPLATE 147-web.jpgPLATE 159-web.jpgPLATE 164-web.jpgPLATE 173-web.jpgPLATE 17A-web.jpgPLATE 182-web.jpgPLATE 186-web.jpgPLATE 190-web.jpgPLATE 197-web.jpgPLATE 204-web.jpgPLATE 219-web.jpgPLATE 222-web.jpgPLATE 223-web.jpgPLATE 229-web.jpgPLATE 231-web.jpgPLATE 238-web.jpgPLATE 244-web.jpgPLATE 250-web.jpgPLATE 272-web.jpgPLATE 276-web.jpgPLATE 279F-web.jpgPLATE 284 297 Dyptic-web.jpgPLATE 284-web.jpgPLATE 288-web.jpgPLATE 292-web.jpgPLATE 294-web.jpgPLATE 298-web.jpgPLATE 299-web.jpgPLATE 305-web.jpgPLATE 314-web.jpgPLATE 315-web.jpgPLATE 326-web.jpgPLATE 335-web.jpgPLATE 339-web.jpgPLATE 341-web.jpgPLATE 345-web.jpgPLATE 349-web.jpgPLATE 351-web.jpgPLATE 356-web.jpgPLATE 364-web.jpgPLATE 369-web.jpgPLATE 376-web.jpgPLATE 38-web.jpgPLATE 404-web.jpgPLATE 405-web.jpgPLATE 406-web.jpgplate 407-web.jpgPLATE 409-web.jpgPLATE 42-web.jpgPLATE 44-web.jpgPLATE 45-web.jpgPlate 501-web.jpgPlate 502-web.jpgPlate 503-web.jpgPlate 504-web.jpgPlate 506-web.jpgPlate 507-web.jpgPlate 508-web.jpgPlate 509-web.jpgPlate 512-web.jpgPlate 514-web.jpgPlate 516-web.jpgPlate 519-web.jpgPLATE 52-web.jpgPlate 562-web.jpgPlate 565-web.jpgPlate 566-web.jpgPlate 73-web.jpgPLATE 98-web.jpg

Sex, Lies and the Single Mannequin:

Windows and Reflections in Black and White

Amsterdam White Boa-web.jpgBALD AND BEAUTIFUL -web.jpgBangs bw-web.jpgBlonde Afro BW-web.jpgBRADLEY V1-web.jpgBRADLEY V2-web.jpgBrown Tree-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 162 -web.jpgCHRISTMAS 227-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 263-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 310-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 345-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 358 -web.jpgCHRISTMAS 449-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 460-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 466-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 472-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 488-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 492-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 533-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 535-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 565-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 596-web.jpgCoppers London bw-web.jpgCotton Socks-web.jpgCurly Hat, London bw-web.jpgDiamond Jubilee 12 -web.jpgDiamond Jubilee 124-web.jpgDiamond Jubilee 130-web.jpgDiamond Jubilee 158-web.jpgDiamond Jubilee 165-web.jpgDiamond Jubilee 26-web.jpgDiamond Jubilee 32-web.jpgDiamond Jubilee 36-web.jpgDiamond Jubilee 91-web.jpgDRY CLEANERS BW v1-web.jpgFishnet BW-web.jpgGlasses bw-web.jpgGloves on Hips, London bw-web.jpgHands on Hips, London bw2-web.jpgHands, London bw1-web.jpgHARVEYS-web.jpgIce Princess 1, London-web.jpgIndian Princess London bw-web.jpgliverpool 6077-web.jpgLondon 104-web.jpgLondon 115-web.jpgLONDON 1184-web.jpgLONDON 1247-web.jpgLONDON 1299-web.jpgLONDON 1320-web.jpgLONDON 1367-web.jpgLondon 144-web.jpgLondon 27-web.jpgLONDON 4408 -web.jpgLONDON 89 v1-web.jpgLONDON 95v2-web.jpgLONDONMAN 46-web.jpgMohawk-web.jpgNative American London bw1-web.jpgOne Two Three London bw1-web.jpgPLATE-283-web.jpgPROVOCATEUR V1-web.jpgPROVOCATEUR V2-web.jpgRed Knickers, London bw2-web.jpgSHIRLEYS 5993-web.jpgSlaves-web.jpgStarGazing, London bw-web.jpgThe Bride-web.jpgThe Broche-web.jpgTHE RACK-web.jpgTight Knit-web.jpgWHIPGIRLSOHO-web.jpgWHITE BOOBTUBE, LONDON -web.jpgWhite Cuffs-web.jpgXMAS 1285-web.jpg

Messages in the Urban Landscape:

Urban Landscape in Colour

4 headed monster-web.jpgBimbo, Mexico-web.jpgBlue Angel, Argentina-web.jpgBlue Green Door, Bratislava-web.jpgBLUEWAGON, Slovakia.JPGBRICK WINDOW-web.jpgBrick-a-brack, Nice-web.jpgbunny rabbit-web.jpgBURY THE DEAD-web.jpgBus Stop, Dartmouth.JPGButterfly Wall-web.jpgChe, Portobello-web.jpgColour Collage, Nice, France-web.jpgDesigner Outlet, Bratislava-web.jpgDR HOT, REDWALL-web.jpgFAN HOLE-web.jpgFatal Shoe-web.jpgFeaturing Boi-web.jpgGIRLIE STICKER, Nice-web.jpgGlory of Joe-web.jpgGreen and Pink-web.jpgHanging Fashion, Spittlefields-web.jpgHE IS LOVE, London-web.jpgHeart, Liverpool-web.jpglace hat, Cotswold-web.jpglaughing, Portobello-web.jpglet the doors, London -web.jpgliverpool blue boy-web.jpgMan of Steel-web.jpgMapped out, Dartmouth-web.jpgME TREE, Cambridge-web.jpgMojep-web.jpgNo Flats-web.jpgQueen and Phillip, London-web.jpgRed Fence-web.jpgStacked up, London-web.jpgTango, Argentina-web.jpgThe Green Window-web.jpgThe Grin-web.jpgTWISCO, LIVERPOOL-web.jpgWALLPAPER 6635-web.jpg

Messages in the Urban Landscape:

Urban Landscape in Polaroid Transfer

4 Headed Monster VP-web.jpgBiker Boy VP-web.jpgBLUE ANGEL v1-web.jpgBLUE BOY, LIVERPOOL VP-web.jpgBlue Wagon, VP-web.jpgBrick-a-brack, Nice vp-web.jpgBrighton VP-web.jpgBunny Rabbit vp-web.jpgBURY THE DEAD vp-web.jpgButterfly  Wall vp-web.jpgCHINADOLL vp-web.jpgChurch, Bratislava VP-web.jpgCROSS, Bratislava vp-web.jpgDelilah vp-web.jpgDesigner Outlet, Bratislava vp-web.jpgDINER2, NYC VP-web.jpgFan Hole vp-web.jpgFRESHMILK, MILAN VP-web.jpgFunfayre, Paris VP-web.jpgGALLERIA, MILAN VP-web.jpgGIANTS IN NEWQUAY-web.jpgHercules and Cacus, Florence VP-web.jpgHILLMAN MINX VP-web.jpgHORNS, SAN DIEGO VP-web.jpgKiss Kiss vp-web.jpgLA Eyes vp-web.jpgLET THE DOORS vp-web.jpgLIPS, MILAN VP-web.jpgLIVE, BRATISLAVA-web.jpgLobster of Hate, VP-web.jpgMARRIAGE AGENCY VP-web.jpgMARYLYN, LA-web.jpgMojep vp-web.jpgPlate 577 vp-web.jpgPLATE 581-web.jpgRed Fence VP-web.jpgRed Wall, Nice vp-web.jpgSalesman, Milan vp-web.jpgSHARK, FLORIDA vp-web.jpgSKATER, VICTORIA PARK vp-web.jpgSTONEHENGE, Solstice-web.jpgThe Green Window VP-web.jpgTOWEL, FLORIDA vp-web.jpgTWISCO vp-web.jpgVINYL Experience vp-web.jpgWallpaper vp-web.jpgWhite Van, France-web.jpgWIG-IN vp-web.jpgZURICH STAIRWELL VP-web.jpg

Messages in the Urban Landscape:

Urban Landscape in Black & White

 APOGGI, FLORENCE v1-web.jpgBiker Boy, Liverpool bw-web.jpgCat Hat, London-web.jpgCHARICATURES FLORENCE-web.jpgChitty Chitty-web.jpgDelilah, Liverpool-web.jpgDoctor Hotman and Him-web.jpgDOG IN MAIL Van, Paris-web.jpgENTREPISOS, Buenos Aires-web.jpgFaith in Florence-web.jpgFOLLOW ME-web.jpgGELATI TRUCK ROMA-web.jpgHarley Davidson-web.jpgHercules and Cacus, FLORENCE-web.jpgHollywood Legends 1-web.jpgLingerie in the Landscape-web.jpgLingerie Lamp, London-web.jpgLIPS BEHIND WINDOW-web.jpgLOBSTER OF HATE, London-web.jpgMAN WITH BAGS, Milan-web.jpgMapped out, Dartmouth BW-web.jpgMARRIAGE LICENSE, SOHO-web.jpgMoondance DINER-web.jpgNaked Funfair, Paris-web.jpgNick Knack Shop, BELLAGIO-web.jpgPiled Up, BW-web.jpgRoller Skating, Victoria Park-web.jpgSWEET LIBERTY-web.jpgTHE FAMILY WHO PRAY-web.jpgVINYL LEGS-web.jpgWIG IN-web.jpg