Urban Landscape in Colour

4 headed monster-web.jpgBimbo, Mexico-web.jpgBlue Angel, Argentina-web.jpgBlue Green Door, Bratislava-web.jpgBLUEWAGON, Slovakia.JPGBRICK WINDOW-web.jpgBrick-a-brack, Nice-web.jpgbunny rabbit-web.jpgBURY THE DEAD-web.jpgBus Stop, Dartmouth.JPGButterfly Wall-web.jpgChe, Portobello-web.jpgColour Collage, Nice, France-web.jpgDesigner Outlet, Bratislava-web.jpgDR HOT, REDWALL-web.jpgFAN HOLE-web.jpgFatal Shoe-web.jpgFeaturing Boi-web.jpgGIRLIE STICKER, Nice-web.jpgGlory of Joe-web.jpgGreen and Pink-web.jpgHanging Fashion, Spittlefields-web.jpgHE IS LOVE, London-web.jpgHeart, Liverpool-web.jpglace hat, Cotswold-web.jpglaughing, Portobello-web.jpglet the doors, London -web.jpgliverpool blue boy-web.jpgMan of Steel-web.jpgMapped out, Dartmouth-web.jpgME TREE, Cambridge-web.jpgMojep-web.jpgNo Flats-web.jpgQueen and Phillip, London-web.jpgRed Fence-web.jpgStacked up, London-web.jpgTango, Argentina-web.jpgThe Green Window-web.jpgThe Grin-web.jpgTWISCO, LIVERPOOL-web.jpgWALLPAPER 6635-web.jpg

I’m a London based fine art landscape photographer who has not only grown accustomed to using colour, but have adopted it as my own, feeling none of the guilt whatsoever that I may have felt very early in my career.

As you may have gathered from my collection of colour landscape photography in London, Paris, Argentina, Liverpool, Manchester and the rest of the world, I enjoy the boldness and contrast that pushing colour processing can give me. A slight, calculated increase in contrast and saturation brings the colour up to the intensity that you see in these landscape photography images. For me, the boldness of the colour helps to separate the various parts of the images. In my opinion, an interesting landscape photographer searches out the quirkiness of his / her environment and finds a way to express that in their own particular, sometimes peculiar technique. The genius of Steven Shore’s American road trips and the intense colour and compositions of William Eggleston are the epitome of great landscape photography.