Urban Landscape in Polaroid Transfer

4 Headed Monster VP-web.jpgBiker Boy VP-web.jpgBLUE ANGEL v1-web.jpgBLUE BOY, LIVERPOOL VP-web.jpgBlue Wagon, VP-web.jpgBrick-a-brack, Nice vp-web.jpgBrighton VP-web.jpgBunny Rabbit vp-web.jpgBURY THE DEAD vp-web.jpgButterfly  Wall vp-web.jpgCHINADOLL vp-web.jpgChurch, Bratislava VP-web.jpgCROSS, Bratislava vp-web.jpgDelilah vp-web.jpgDesigner Outlet, Bratislava vp-web.jpgDINER2, NYC VP-web.jpgFan Hole vp-web.jpgFRESHMILK, MILAN VP-web.jpgFunfayre, Paris VP-web.jpgGALLERIA, MILAN VP-web.jpgGIANTS IN NEWQUAY-web.jpgHercules and Cacus, Florence VP-web.jpgHILLMAN MINX VP-web.jpgHORNS, SAN DIEGO VP-web.jpgKiss Kiss vp-web.jpgLA Eyes vp-web.jpgLET THE DOORS vp-web.jpgLIPS, MILAN VP-web.jpgLIVE, BRATISLAVA-web.jpgLobster of Hate, VP-web.jpgMARRIAGE AGENCY VP-web.jpgMARYLYN, LA-web.jpgMojep vp-web.jpgPlate 577 vp-web.jpgPLATE 581-web.jpgRed Fence VP-web.jpgRed Wall, Nice vp-web.jpgSalesman, Milan vp-web.jpgSHARK, FLORIDA vp-web.jpgSKATER, VICTORIA PARK vp-web.jpgSTONEHENGE, Solstice-web.jpgThe Green Window VP-web.jpgTOWEL, FLORIDA vp-web.jpgTWISCO vp-web.jpgVINYL Experience vp-web.jpgWallpaper vp-web.jpgWhite Van, France-web.jpgWIG-IN vp-web.jpgZURICH STAIRWELL VP-web.jpg

The Polaroid Transfer technique has been a very personal experience for me for at least 25 years, when I discovered the process in a fine art gallery in London, and soon after, another prominent photography gallery in Milan, Italy.

My old friend and fashion photographer Paul Van Vleck showed me how this technique could be achieved, and since then, I’ve experimented with Polaroid Transfer and taught the technique to various photography students and universities around the UK.

I’ve had the pleasure to exhibit Polaroid Transfers in at least 10 fine art photography galleries across the UK. The Photographer’s Gallery in London, (London’s best known fine art photography gallery) has a great collection of books relevant to Polaroid transfer technique.