Windows & Reflections in Black & White

Amsterdam White Boa-web.jpgBALD AND BEAUTIFUL -web.jpgBangs bw-web.jpgBlonde Afro BW-web.jpgBRADLEY V1-web.jpgBRADLEY V2-web.jpgBrown Tree-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 162 -web.jpgCHRISTMAS 227-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 263-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 310-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 345-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 358 -web.jpgCHRISTMAS 449-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 460-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 466-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 472-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 488-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 492-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 533-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 535-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 565-web.jpgCHRISTMAS 596-web.jpgCoppers London bw-web.jpgCotton Socks-web.jpgCurly Hat, London bw-web.jpgDiamond Jubilee 12 -web.jpgDiamond Jubilee 124-web.jpgDiamond Jubilee 130-web.jpgDiamond Jubilee 158-web.jpgDiamond Jubilee 165-web.jpgDiamond Jubilee 26-web.jpgDiamond Jubilee 32-web.jpgDiamond Jubilee 36-web.jpgDiamond Jubilee 91-web.jpgDRY CLEANERS BW v1-web.jpgFishnet BW-web.jpgGlasses bw-web.jpgGloves on Hips, London bw-web.jpgHands on Hips, London bw2-web.jpgHands, London bw1-web.jpgHARVEYS-web.jpgIce Princess 1, London-web.jpgIndian Princess London bw-web.jpgliverpool 6077-web.jpgLondon 104-web.jpgLondon 115-web.jpgLONDON 1184-web.jpgLONDON 1247-web.jpgLONDON 1299-web.jpgLONDON 1320-web.jpgLONDON 1367-web.jpgLondon 144-web.jpgLondon 27-web.jpgLONDON 4408 -web.jpgLONDON 89 v1-web.jpgLONDON 95v2-web.jpgLONDONMAN 46-web.jpgMohawk-web.jpgNative American London bw1-web.jpgOne Two Three London bw1-web.jpgPLATE-283-web.jpgPROVOCATEUR V1-web.jpgPROVOCATEUR V2-web.jpgRed Knickers, London bw2-web.jpgSHIRLEYS 5993-web.jpgSlaves-web.jpgStarGazing, London bw-web.jpgThe Bride-web.jpgThe Broche-web.jpgTHE RACK-web.jpgTight Knit-web.jpgWHIPGIRLSOHO-web.jpgWHITE BOOBTUBE, LONDON -web.jpgWhite Cuffs-web.jpgXMAS 1285-web.jpg

In the beginning, I had considered myself to be a diehard Black and White photographer. Even as far back in my university Colour Photography class, rather than take photographs using colour film, I’d shoot them in Black and White, and then hand-colour them. While I have since comfortably taken a liking to ‘actual’ colour photography after all these years, adopting it completely, to be truthful, Black and White photography will always hold a special place in my photographic heart. Just a few of my favourite, iconic Black and White photographers who have influenced my own work are Jacques Henri Lartique, Elliott Erwitt, Frank Horvat, Jeanloup Sieff, and of course Richard Avedon and Irving Penn.