Windows & Reflections in Colour

 Curly Haired Girls, London-web.jpg3rd Place, London v1-web.jpgBig Hair 1A London-web.jpgBlonde Afro, Vienna-web.jpgBLONDE BOY, Portobello-web.jpgBlue Bra, Fulham-web.jpgBlue Dress Blue eyes, London-web.jpgBlue Hair, London-web.jpgBLUE JUMPER, London-web.jpgBlue Knit Cozzy, London-web.jpgBus Stop, London-web.jpgCotton Socks, London V1-web.jpgCurly Hat, London v1-web.jpgDiamondJubilee 1A London-web.jpgDiamondJubilee 2A London-web.jpgDining in, London v1-web.jpgDouble Orange Vienna-web.jpgEarmuffs London v1-web.jpgFEATHER Hat Bratislava-web.jpgFenced In London v1-web.jpgFishnet, London-web.jpgFlower Power 1A, London-web.jpgFlying Saucers, London-web.jpgFour Skinheads London-web.jpgFROG LANDSCAPE London-web.jpgGinger, Liverpool-web.jpgGlamour 1 London-web.jpgGlitter Eyes London-web.jpgGlittering Jewels, London v1-web.jpgGlossy Boys, Plymouth v1-web.jpgGoing Up, London v1-web.jpgGreen Window London-web.jpgHands on Hips, London v1-web.jpgHands, London v1-web.jpghn_4228 copy-web.jpgIce Princess 1A London-web.jpgIndian Princess London v1-web.jpgJewel Warrior, London v1-web.jpgliberty pink shoes WEB copy-web.jpgLittle Black Dress, London-web.jpgNative American London-web.jpgNEON London-web.jpgPeacock London-web.jpgPINK HAIR, Portobello-web.jpgPucker, Portobello-web.jpgPuppet, London-web.jpgQuilt London-web.jpgRed and Blue London-web.jpgRed Flower, London v2-web.jpgred hair and wire-web.jpgRed Jumper London-web.jpgRed Knickers, London-web.jpgRed Yellow Blue, London-web.jpgScooter Girl London-web.jpgScrews Loose, London v1-web.jpgSixth Place London-web.jpgSore Eyes, London-web.jpgSplatter London-web.jpgStrong Makeup, London-web.jpgSwinging Blue, London-web.jpgTaxi Rank London-web.jpgThe Judge, London-web.jpgThree Nude Dummies London-web.jpgThree on Mint London-web.jpgTottenham Court Road-web.jpgVeggy Maiden London v1-web.jpgWhite Blouse London v1-web.jpgwhite cozzy, London-web.jpgwhite top, 72dpi London-web.jpgyellow eyes, London-web.jpg

I have always had more than just a passing interest in sensual photography, but discovering these amazingly designed set displays in shop windows was a match made in photography heaven.

All around me were mannequins showing off their flawless figures, and unless they were actually lingerie mannequins, they never seemed to wear a bra, and it appears that it must always be very cold in a shop window ( if you catch my draft!)… Without becoming ‘juvenile’, there does appear to be a general premise of sexuality and eroticism in much of what I was experiencing in these scenes. Lips are large, necklines are low, even attitudes were strong, steamy…

As with my black and white landscape photography, I feel that colour should be bold and contrast should be gripping. The designers of these window sets work diligently to get the balance of colour and design just right. Aside from the sensuality, colour and design pull us off the street and into shops.