Urban Landscape in Black & White

c100-ENTREPISOS, Buenos Aires-web.jpgc15- APOGGI, FLORENCE v1-web.jpgc18-Cat Hat, London-web.jpgc25-DOG IN MAIL Van, Paris-web.jpgc3-Faith in Florence-web.jpgc31-Doctor Hotman and Him-web.jpgc45-Biker Boy, Liverpool bw-web.jpgc50-CHARICATURES FLORENCE-web.jpgc59-Chitty Chitty-web.jpgc70-Delilah, Liverpool-web.jpgc92-FOLLOW ME-web.jpgGELATI TRUCK ROMA-web.jpgHarley Davidson-web.jpgHercules and Cacus, FLORENCE-web.jpgHollywood Legends 1-web.jpgLingerie in the Landscape-web.jpgLingerie Lamp, London-web.jpgLIPS BEHIND WINDOW-web.jpgLOBSTER OF HATE, London-web.jpgMAN WITH BAGS, Milan-web.jpgMapped out, Dartmouth BW-web.jpgMARRIAGE LICENSE, SOHO-web.jpgMoondance DINER-web.jpgNaked Funfair, Paris-web.jpgNick Knack Shop, BELLAGIO-web.jpgPiled Up, BW-web.jpgRoller Skating, Victoria Park-web.jpgSWEET LIBERTY-web.jpgTeas & Coffee-web.jpgTHE FAMILY WHO PRAY-web.jpgVINYL LEGS-web.jpgWIG IN-web.jpg

When I was just a teenager, the fine art exhibitions of the modern masters and legends of black and white landscape photography; Henri Cartier Bresson, Gary Winogrand and Lee Friedlander inspired me to take to the streets. It was such a treat to view the Hungarian photographer, Andre Kertez’s collection at the photography gallery of the Royal Academy of Art museum in London last year. Seeing his iconic images in the flesh, after studying the brilliant landscape photographer as a student, was one of the highlights of London’s fine art photography exhibitions this year.